Documentary Requirement for BD Inbound Shipments

According to Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Custom House, Dhaka (File No.- 5-CUS- 08(823)KU:SHU:/GROUP-01/2021/05) regarding documentary requirement for BD inbound shipments & goods. All shipments entering Bangladesh from 12th December 2021 onward, will require to have invoice and packing lists accompanying Master Air Waybills and Carrier will need to scan copies of full set documents to BD Customs before flight arrival.

To ensure compliance and prevent shipments being offloaded from flight, further explanation as below,

  • 1)  When will documentary requirement be implemented?
    BD Customs instructed requirement will be effective for ALL SHIPMENTS ARRIVE DAC from 12th December 2021, as such, requirement will be implemented to BOTH outbound, transit and tarmac shipments from 10th December 2021 to prevent non-compliance.
  • 2)  What is the documentary requirement, does original invoice and packing list require?
    BD Customs instructed Invoice and Packing list of BD inbound shipments must be submitted to BD Customs before flight arrival, as such, Carrier is requesting agents to attach 1 set of invoice and packing list on MAWB for compliance. There is no mandatory request of original invoice and packing list according to BD Customs’ instruction, just 1 set of invoice and packing list attached to MAWB can allow Carrier to arrange submission.
  • 3)  Any special arrangement for tarmac shipments?
    Please scan copy of MAWB, House manifest (if applicable), invoice, packing list to Import Document Supervisor – HX/RH; Export Document Supervisor – HX/RH; HKC Cargo Operations before flight arrival, with email subject “Document (invoice/packing list) for FLIGHT/DATE connect to FLIGHT/DATE” to prevent misunderstanding.
  • 4)  Agent offer other documents instead of invoice/packing list, can they be accepted?
    Please note documentary requirement is received from BD Customs and is non-negotiable.
  • 5)  Can invoice and packing list be combined as one document instead of separated documents?
    No clear definition received from BD Customs, Carrier will accept both separate invoice + separate packing list or invoice + packing list in 1 paper until received further instruction from BD Customs.

Team RBL Logistics