Things to Consider When Choosing a Courier Company


Having a reliable courier company is essential for your business’ success. After all, you need your products to be delivered. But you don’t want them to just be delivered; you’ll want them to be delivered in a safe and timely manner. Not only does bad delivery incur costs, but it will eventually affect your business’ reputation. Nobody wants to purchase from a store which, at best, delivers the product late, and at worst, fails to deliver it at all.


Therefore, before choosing your courier company, be sure to take your time and do your due diligence. That being said, here are some of the things to consider when choosing a courier company:

Reviews and Reputation

You can tell a lot about a courier company by learning its reviews and overall reputation in the market. If a courier company has a bad reputation, it can indicate that the company does not deliver a quality service (i.e. late deliveries or damaged products upon arrival), it has bad customer service (i.e. unresponsive or rude customer service), etc. So, it’s simply best to stay away from courier companies with bad reputation.


But of course, reviews and reputation alone does not indicate how good (or bad) courier companies work. It’s possible that some reviews are just made-up or lies – for positive reviews, to falsely boost the company’s reputation; for bad reviews, to maliciously malign them. It’s also possible that the courier company did, at one point, perform poorly in the past, which resulted in negative reviews. But the same courier could have improved over time.


So, consider the reviews, but do your due diligence and it’s up to you how are you going to weigh the reviews and reputation of a courier company.


Another thing to consider when choosing your courier company is the cost. While it’s natural for business owners to try to save money, don’t always settle for the cheapest or lowest deal. If you are paying low for poor quality service, you may find yourself getting into trouble in the long haul. But at the same time, you can also take some time to look for the best deals while still keeping an eye on the service that the courier company could give. You don’t want to go cheap, but you won’t want to go expensive as well, especially if there’s a better deal around!


When considering the costs, make sure that the costs match up to the services and its quality: can they deliver what I need from them? Is the price really worth it?

Types of Services

Although courier companies may appear the same – after all, they all just deliver your products, aren’t they? – in reality, it’s not. Courier companies can vary in terms of services offered. For instance, some courier companies offer FBA services but others don’t; some offer a COD option for your customers while others don’t.


When selecting your courier company, be sure that they do the type of service or work that you’re looking for from them.


Availability of Tracking Services

In general, it’s best if your courier company offers tracking services for both you and your customers. To begin with, customers like to track their products to keep them updated with their parcel. On your part as the business owner, you would want to be able to track your shipment so that you can monitor it and know when it’s near or when it’s already delivered.


Finally, your courier company should be able to provide insurance for your products. Although we expect that our shipments will be delivered safely, in reality, there are times when things simply don’t go as expected. In the unfortunate event that your package was lost or failed to arrive, having insurance protects your business from the financial effects caused by such events.


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