Shanghai Imposed Lockdown in Certain Areas

Due to rising cases of Covid 19, the government of Shanghai last March 28, 2022, had announced that they will impose lockdown on certain areas of Shanghai.

In connection with that, starting March 28 from 5:00, Shanghai will begin its screening in batches. The batches (and their respective schedule) will be as follows:

First batch – Pudong, Punan and adjoining areas (including Pudong New District, Fengxian District, Jinshan District, Chongming District, Pujin Street, Pujiang Town of Minhang District, Xinbang Town, Shihudang District Town, Maogang Town and Yexie Town of Songjiang District).


Schedule: March 28 (5:00) to April 1 (5:00)


Second batch – Puxi area

Schedule: April 1 (3:00) to April 5 (3:00).


The following protocols will be implemented during the lockdown:

Except for vehicles connected to epidemic prevention and control, emergency medical treatment, life security, and so on, all public transportation will be suspended. Before they can function during the lockdown, the following vehicles must first receive consent from the district authority.

Morever, employees will work from home, with the exception of those who are responsible for epidemic prevention and fundamental operations. Except for businesses that offer fundamental requirements to citizens and the city’s structural operation, all businesses in the regulated areas will be suspended.

In line with this, our pickup service will be affected and possibly slowed down, but we can still manage to deliver your goods.  We will route our shipments to Shenzhen and Zhejiang facilities. 

We apologize for the delays but rest assured that your goods will be delivered to you. We are sincerely hoping for your consideration. 

Thank you!

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