RBL: Delivering Through the Pandemic

Due to the recently rising surge of COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong, transportation and shipments between Hong Kong and China was severely limited and at times, even suspended. This will have a serious impact for any companies and e-commerce businesses that use Hong Kong flights for shipping their products. This will also affect businesses on a domestic scale.

SF Express Suspends Shipping Due to Rising COVID-19 Cases in Hong Kong

According to reports, SF Express had suspended their Shenzhen-Hong Kong services due to the rising COVID-19 cases in the country. Transportation from China to Hong Kong via land was severely limited as well. This gives entrepreneurs little choice but to transport their products via sea freight which takes 4-5 days (whereas via land, this will only take 2 days). But even at sea, the volume of transportation is limited to avoid an incremental increase of transportation cost between China and Hong Kong. Finally, flexibility of transportation in international flights is also severely limited since international flights typically only have an office in Hong Kong.


RBL Offers More Flexibility Amidst China-Hong Kong Shipping Delays and Suspension

RBL had formed cooperative partnerships with many airlines in mainland China. This allows RBL to have a unique advantage of being flexible even during limited or even suspended transports caused by the recent surge of COVID-19 in Hong Kong. Some of the special lines to India include Shanghai flight, Wuhan flight, Guangzhou flight, Chengdu flight and Hong Kong flight.

The current Hong Kong COVID-19 surge has little effect on traders and companies who have time-limited requirements. If it is a general cargo, it can be delivered in 4-7 working days after the package takes off in the mainland. If the products are time-sensitive, please let us know in advance so that we can work around and try to achieve its time limit.

RBL will continue to explore solutions that can help entrepreneurs achieve their goals, if you need to ship packages from China to India, please contact us: sales@rbllogistics.com .

RBL continues – and will continue – looking for ways to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.  If you need any help in delivering your parcels, you can reach us at sales@rbllogistics.com . 

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