RyBlue Logistics Conducted the Shaoxing Online Export Fair!

We are proud to announce that RyBlue Logistics (RBL) had conducted the Shaoxing Online Export Fair! The fair was conducted on November 18, 2021 through online communication means (Zoom). Shaoxing Online Export Fair was conducted by RBL Logistics and it was organized by Shaoxing Municipal Department of Commerce.

Shaoxing was known for its booming textile industry for as far back as the Sui and Tang Dynasties (around 581-907 A.D.) Today, the Shaoxing textile industry composes around 28% of the city’s overall industrial economy and it is around 1/3 of the province’s total textile industry.

As in its history, Shaoxing’s textile industry is still economically strong and robust. For example, in recent data, Shaoxing accounted for 1/3 of China’s total sales in light textile products.

Highlights Of The Shaoxing Online Export Fair

Shaoxing Online Export Fair had the following highlights:

1) Networking With Factories and Manufacturers

Entrepreneurs were able to directly meet with the best factories and manufacturers in the city. Entrepreneurs can enjoy some of the best price deals the factories and manufacturers have to offer for them!

2) Meeting Top Textile Suppliers

Entrepreneurs and corporate representatives were able to meet some of the best and top textile suppliers in Shaoxing. Also, the suppliers are endorsed and certified by the government, so entrepreneurs can rely on their trustworthiness!

3) Supporting Services for Entrepreneurs

RBL Logistics and the Shaoxing Municipal Department of Commerce offered support for attendees to maximize their networking and business opportunities. Some of the services offered include precise matching, conference hosting and multilingual translation (English and Chinese).

Future of Shaoxing Textile Industry

The future of Shaoxing textile industry looks great and more opportunities abound for this strong industry. There are Shaoxing to India courier shipping opportunities if you are industry to do textile industry from China to India or vice-versa. There are also cheap shipping from India to Shaoxing and, if you are interested to first see the quality of textile from Shaoxing, there are fabric samples available.

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