RyBlue Logistics (RBL) Is Now an Official Member of WIFFA!

We are glad to announce that RyBlue Logistics (RBL) is now an official member of World International Freight Forwarder Alliance (WIFFA)!

According to WIFFA’s official website, WIFFA is “the international freight forwarding credit cooperation platform under the network of ShippingChina and also the International freight forwarding branch of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing.”

The main advantage of being a member of WIFFA is the cargo volume a WIFFA member can deliver. According to their website, the annual freight output of WIFFA platform members exceeds 10 million TEU and their total business volume had reached 100 billion yuan.

WIFFA also has its strength in strategic layout. For instance, WIFFA was able to form what they call the “ecological pattern of inner, middle and outer rings” after 10 years of forming the said composition. This strategic composition allows WIFFA to handle and manage the complex systems of the freight forwarding and cargo delivery industry.

Because RBL is now an official member of WIFFA, it can now enjoy some of its including privileges such as financial protection, WIFFA Cloud Expo Virtual Meetings, business interactions with other WIFFA members, and more!


Because of the privileges that RBL have by becoming a WIFFA member, RBL can serve even better its customers! We are looking forward to better serve you!

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